Example of Recaunt text

Social Function of Recount Text
To retell past event or experience which happened in the past.
Generic Structure of Recount Text
1. Orientation: Introducing the participants, place and time
2. Events: Describing series of event that happened in the past
3. Reorientation: It is optional. Stating personal comment of the writer to the story
Language Features of Recount Text
• Introducing personal participant: I, my group, etc
• Using chronological connection: then, first, etc
• Using linking verb: was, were, saw, heard, etc
• Using action verb: look, go, change, etc
• Using simple past tense

Example of Recount Text
Holiday to the Blue Mountain
On Friday we went to the blue montains. We stayed at David and delta’s house. It has a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and a tennis court.
First, on Saturday we saw the Three Sisters and went on the scenic railway. It was scary. Then, Mummy and I went shopping with Delta. We went to some antique shops and I tried on some old hats.
On Sunday we went on the scenic Skyway and it rocked. We saw cockatoos having a shower. In the afternoon we went home.
Generic Structure
1. Orientation : Paragraph 1
2. Events : Paragraph 2
3. Re-orientation : Paragraph 3
Language Features
 Introducing personal participant : We, I
 Using chronological connection : Then, First
 Using linking verb : was
 Using action verb : saw, went, tried
 Using simple past tense : We stayed at David and delta’s house, we saw the Three Sisters and .. , etc.
Some Difficult Words
 Court : lapangan
 Scenic : permai, damai
 Cockatoos : kakatua
By : Dicky Okto Endharto (UMK)

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